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Network Assessment
Integrated Technology provides its customers with a superior analysis of their network’s ability to support VoIP. This assessment service protects customer VoIP investments and enables them to keep projects on time, and on budget.

A comprehensive assessment of the existing infrastructure is the only way to understand the scope of the project and to accurately assess needs and costs.

Integrated Technology's network assessment service is fueled by appCritical by Apparent Networks.  AppCritical provides a comprehensive, end-to-end analysis of a converged network without any disruptions.

Benefits Include:
  • Eliminates risks associated with sparse sampling and guesswork
  • Quick Results
  • Works on live converged networks, at all times
  • Easy to gauge feasibility of the network and get it up to par
  • Isolates and identifies faults
  • Verifies SLAs from service providers
Gartner analysts caution that 75 percent of enterprises that do not perform a pre-implementation analysis of their IP network infrastructure will no achieve a successful VoIP implementation.

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