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Converged Solutions from Integrated Technology and Nortel

The moment when technology and opportunity meet is now. The convergence of voice, data, video and applications is no longer just talk, it is a reality, and it will revolutionize the way business is done.

Integrated Technology — Your Connection to Converged Solutions

Nortel is the leader in converged communications, offering reliable and secure solutions that help companies maximize the benefits of this technology. Integrated Technology has the expertise to assist you in the implementation of Nortel converged solutions. We’re a trusted provider of high-quality communications products and services, so you can be sure your company will make a smooth, confident transition into the new world of converged communications.

What Convergence Means for Business

Convergence is more than voice over IP. It unifies voice, data, video and applications and feeds their collective capabilities through one network, wired or wireless. Convergence enables reliable and secure anytime, anywhere, communications helping businesses.

A Future Based on Investment Protection and Choice

Your company has invested significant time and money in your existing network, so you need solutions that will grow with it. You can’t afford to “rip and replace” existing equipment every time you want to improve your system. The good news is that, in most cases, you can transition to converged solutions from Nortel without having to gut your existing telecommunications system.

Nortel is the champion of a unique investment protection strategy which ensures that its products will remain capable as you migrate to next-generation technologies. So you can upgrade your system as your needs grow, without abandoning your existing equipment. Not only does this product philosophy save you money on equipment costs, it also reduces the time and expense of training users on a new system.

Integrated Technology understands that the needs of your company are unique; therefore, you should adopt converged solutions at your own path and pace. Nortel products are flexible and can be customized to fit your growing needs. With its broad portfolio of reliable and secure solutions, you are certain to find the hardware and applications that best fit your enterprise.

Why choose Nortel converged solutions now and into the future?
  • Experience as a global leader with a proud tradition of innovation and guidance in communications that spans 150 countries and over 100 years.
  • Proven, reliable service in voice and data, as well as wireless, wired and optical.
  • Broad portfolio of quality products that can be customized based on your convergence needs.
  • Superior investment protection that minimizes capital costs by preserving and leveraging your existing communication infrastructure whenever possible.
Why choose Integrated Technology to implement converged solutions?
  • Knowledge backed by Avaya.  We maintain some of the industry’s most prestigious certifications to ensure we’re always up to date on the latest technologies.
  • End-to-end solutions to evaluate, design and integrate your network infrastructure at every point.
  • Service you can trust from certified technicians to install and maintain your system.
Integrated Technology and Avaya — A Winning Combination

Integrated Technology is committed to providing you with outstanding and intelligent service, along with the highest-quality products available. Nortel converged solutions are no exception. Call us to learn how this broad portfolio of reliable and secure products can enhance every part of your business world, now and into the future.
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